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TransThought aims to dramatically improve the quality of your life by teaching you how to reduce your unnecessary negative emotions and increasing your “rational” positive emotions. I will use an effective self-help method that goes by many names. I’ll refer to it as Rational Self Counseling (RSC for short) throughout this site.

How you will benefit from RSC

The good news is that unless you are very unusual, many of your negative feelings and self-defeating behaviors are unnecessary and are caused by faulty thinking and deeply held but unhelpful beliefs (what RSC terms “irrational” thinking). By becoming aware of your irrational thinking and changing it, your feelings will improve, often dramatically.

How you’ll learn RSC on this site

I will make every effort to help you learn and use RSC effectively through reading, exercises including made up problems and work on your own issues. I will push you to learn as actively as possible; you may benefit from just reading but to get the most from RSC you will need to practice it. If you and enough others want, we will include group work, which really accelerates your progress.

I won’t let you struggle on your own but will provide personal feedback on your work to accelerate your progress. You will not be “made” to do anything but the more you engage and follow my suggestions, the more you will benefit from RSC. All your communication to me will be held in strict confidence.

What materials will be provided for you

A basic yet complete introductory course in RSC is provided <em>free</em>. The course includes exercises for you to practice on. (That’s where my feedback to you comes in).

To get a quick idea of what RSC is about and how it works you can read the Brief Introduction to RSC which is the first item in the Rational Self Counseling menu above. That brief introduction should give you an idea whether you want to go fur-ther. If you like what you see, going through the basic course is your next step.

After you finish the basic course including the exercises you will have access to more advanced material that you will now be prepared to understand and will give you a deeper understanding of RSC and how to use it to your benefit. You will also have access to feedback individually or in group work – your choice or do both! The basic course including feedback is free but there will be a charge for the advanced feedback due to the time and effort it takes to provide that service.

So have a look around and get ready live and happier and less disturbed life!

What is Community Building (CB) and how is it relevant to TransThought?

Since humans are a social species and since I assume you are human if you are reading this, people are very important to you and a source of both great joy and sometimes great suffering. You will find that consistent practice with RSC will usu-ally improve your relationships with others because much of your suffering is likely caused by irrational thoughts and beliefs about yourself and others. As these get cleared up, unnecessary upset involving others will also decrease. That in turn may make it more likely that you will be open to what is perhaps the height of human relating: community as defined in a special way.

This site’s section on CB is meant just to give you a very basic introduction to com-munity as I use the term and points you to further resources if you are interested.


I  have removed registration from the site because there is no need for it. For the time being all content, while copyrighted, is free for you to use. You can use the comment feature on the pages or the blog to make comments or ask questions. Enjoy and be well.

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